"Bear always with you" from Elena Zaugolnaya

"Bear always with you" from Elena Zaugolnaya
Good day, dear friends.
My name is Elena, I live in Moscow Russia , i create toys since 2011.
Welcome to my store!
All of my bears 100% handmade.
For making my teddy I use only best and original materials , German or Italian viscose or mohair,alpaca , pine sawdust and traditional pins and disks.
I've participated in teddy bears exhibitions in Moscow and Munster.
My bears live all over the world.
I'm sorry, but I can't make copies of my works, each of my bears is a result of my inspiration.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them. My E-MAIL address is noki-06@mail.ru
My account in Instagram: elena_zaugolnaya